Shorter Than Short Series

Shorter than short series – no4

Second Chance

Zach stumbled out of O'Neils on his pub crawling night, heading towards the largest of the many pubs on Cricklewood Broadway, North West London; The Crown. He stepped off the kerb.

'Hello Zach.'
Zach looked up in a semi drunken stupor; he didn't recognise the man.
'Hi,' Zach replied, slurring his words.
'What do you want to do from now on Zach? Do you want to quit the drink or hit the brink?' The man asked.
'Huh? Drink, brink, what?' Zach replied confused.
'Your choice,' the man said. 'Choose now.'
'Quit... the drink...' Zach replied.
'Good choice, you've made the right decision Zach; now head off home.'
Zach closed his eyes.
'Hey Zach, thank goodness; you gave us a fright mate.'
Zach looked up at the four faces looking down at him; his fellow pub crawlers.
'You're alright now mate,' one of them said, 'no broken bones and no concussion.'
'Yes,' Zach replied. 'I'm heading off home now.'
Zach got up slowly and headed off home.