Poetry Place

Dilemma (Today's world)
K Kotun copyright 1992

I want to write on a topic
But can't make up my mind
There are so many
All of a different kind

So many people out of work
Inflation sky rocketing
So many into crime
New job is pick-pocketing

Hate! Hate! So much war
Many, many will be left poor

But what about the air?
It doesn't smell too good
and all that pesticide
sprayed on our food
We will survive all that
but what about the birds?
All those oil spills ruin their world

Let's not forget the 'fur' or the 'horned' ones
Voila! Coats and Jewellery
And then there were none!

How about 'colour'?
which brings on so much hate and violence
and I know there's no connection
but our rain forests are less and less dense!

I want to write on a topic
As you can clearly see
but they are all so very, very,
depressing for me.