Shorter Than Short Series

Shorter than short series – no3

About Myself

I was born into the Ethiopian royal family in 1801. The last of four children; I was pampered by my grandparents, parents, siblings and the whole court.

I married at sixteen; he was from the north; a wealthy Mekelle family that had made their fortune trading coffee and cotton from around the country to the Europeans; he had been well educated, and I was attracted to his intelligent mind.

We both travelled the world extensively for five years being fêted by royals and dignitaries around the globe. We delayed having kids much to our parents' dismay; and fleeted from one luxurious destination to the next.

Eventually at 22 yrs old, I gave birth to twin boys and two years later, a baby girl.

The baby girl is all grown up now and getting married tomorrow. I am sitting here watching the ladies of the court fuss over her in preparation for her wedding day. She is sixteen years old!

'Have fun,' I say. 'See the world first before the children come; you will never regret it!'