Shorter Than Short Series

Shorter than short series – no2

Second by Second

A map of the world torn in half lay atop a wooden table in the middle of the bare room; it's half past ten in the morning and already the temperature is hitting forty degrees; typical of the weather in this most western part of Africa.

The rays of the sun shine through the shredded curtains like fingers reaching out mockingly to the man sitting on the floor with his back to one wall; a wall riddled with bullet holes and splattered with dark brown patches.

Adam wipes the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand and onto his filthy uniform.

There was just one small window at the back, but he could clearly hear the soldiers marching out front; he shook his head grimacing; they were not soldiers but rebels wearing soldiers uniforms. He shuddered.

His eyes landed on an empty can of beer - it had been the second to the last of his bribes; his time was running out!

Closing his eyes, Adam wished his battalion here; they had never let him down before! He opened his eyes, focussing on the guard; a young boy standing by the only window; his eyes closed, blowing circles of smoke into the air; savouring the taste of Adam's last bribe!

Adam spots a sudden movement outside the window, he recognises a familiar shape; he smiles in relief!