Shorter Than Short Series

Shorter than short series – no1

The Thimble…

'It's 2am, have you no regard for privacy whatsoever?'
'Night or day; things are still happening, whether you're asleep or not Ridley.'
'Look here, this is not the right time...'
'I'm touched… How's a million dollars? Well…?'
'I won't pee on my shoe for that Ernst – I'm too old for chicken change.'
'Oh really! I heard different you know, like your son's gambling habit, yeah, I heard about it…' Cough. '1.5 mill – final offer, and make sure it's not traced back to me or else.'
'Final offer.'


"Raised to the ground – students on nearby Elmore campus have been vacated as the fire spreads. John Gadley, HTSS News."
Jay switched the box off. 'Well Imagine that, I heard developers want that land. Kinda Odd, huh?'
'Kinda odd', Pete repeated back, nodding his head, as he rolled a ceramic thimble in his hand.
'How much d'ya think?'
Pete shrugged. 'You know recession and all, probably 1 mill.'
'Nah!' he sneezed, '2, more like,' Jay said. He looked Pete right in the eye, 'We got no secrets now little brother. How much'd they pay you for the job?'
'25 thousand,' Pete said, looking down.
'Fool! Fool! Don't you know who owns the building? No, no you don't! It's the mayor, dummy. Half of that 1 million belongs to us!'
'I was told to take the money and disappear for a while, or else... I don't wanna mess with these folks. Ouch! Ahh! Don't! What'd you do that for?'
'You're an idiot that's why. Where's the money Pete? The 25 thousand?'
'There,' Pete said pointing to the floor.
'Have you gone mad? Where?'
'The thimble. It's Ridley's payment, I'm supposed to cash it in; it's antique.'
They both turned and look at the crushed thimble on the floor…